TAVAS ROTAS was founded as a small company based on interest and liking for jewelry.😍

My name is Līga and I am the founder of TAVAS ROTAS. I founded this company on July 17, 2020, and on that day I received the first jewelry. It was a moment when I had no idea that TAVAS ROTAS, a company I founded, would be able to create so much joy, smiles and gratitude both in myself and in my clients. It all started with a very small passion that took up only the drawer of the desk, which kept both jewelry and boxes. The first orders were processed in the family circle - my husband cut homemade templates, on which I wrote TAVAS ROTAS with a gold pen! I wrote with love..




now we have grown - we have an online store with a very wide range of our jewelry! We prepare orders and create everything that we find for our customers also on social networks! Yes, I want my clients to be with me - so that you can see and hear how we are doing, how we have been and most definitely how we will be! What I like most is looking back and comparing how we've changed. TAVAS ROTAS is the work that allowed me to find myself, to get to know myself and the work I love, which I do with great responsibility and with all my heart.



By answering this question, I will be able to tell you what my main mission is in doing this wonderful work! And this question is: why so cheap? Is the jewelry really gold-plated?

So here it is.. That's my main mission! Let you please yourself, feel even more beautiful, more confident without spending a lot of money! In the TAVAS ROTAS online store, you can buy gold-plated, silver-plated, silver jewelry at an affordable price - without excessive markup! I wish you could please yourself with several ornaments a month, not just one! I'm a woman too and I love bargain shopping too! That's why I'm here!


Thank you for reading this little description about me and my beloved work!


In love and gratitude,